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Slotting Machine
Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine B5020 Specification:

B5032D is with feed motion and rapid travel
  B5020 B5032
Max.slotting length 200mm 320mm
Max.dimension of workpiece (LXH) 485x200mm 600x320mm
Max.weight of workpeice 400kg 500kg
Max.Cutting force 550kg 750kg
No.of ram strokes per minute 32,50,80,125 20,32,50,80
Vertical adjustment of ram 230mm 315mm
inclinatoin of ram 0-8° 0-8°
distance between tool holding surface and column front 485mm 600mm
Max.tool shank size (WXH) 25x40mm 25x40mm
Table diameter 500mm 630mm
Distance between table surface and low end of ram 320mm 490mm
Max.longitudinal travel of table 500mm 630mm
Max.Cross travel of table 500mm 560mm
Range of of table longitudinal and cross power feeds 0.08-1.21mm 0.08-1.21mm
Range of table rotary power feeds 0.052°-0.783° 0.052°-0.783°
Power of main drive motor 3KW /1430 RPM 3KW /1430 RPM
Over dimension 1916X1305X1995mm 2261X1496X2245mm
Weight 2000kgs 3000kgs